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Some hobbies and other areas of interest of mine:

In no particular order of importance, here are some of the things I'm into when not playing with the V6 Chevette:

Meteor Impact Sites
A hobby of mine is investigating visible remnants of
meteor impacts on Earth, which I believe to be much more numerous than commonly accepted by the geoscientific community. I recently examined several sites in the Edmonton area, found with the help of LANDSAT photographs. This one is 16km north of Spruce Grove. Note the curved hill, which I believe is an ancient rim.
Here's what it looks like from space.
Holleford Crater,
in Ontario. It bears striking similarity to many sites I visited around Edmonton, as seen from space.
Brent Crater.
The circular remnant has lakes in the trough where the ridge used to be. Can you see a chain of lakes in an arc to the left? I believe this is another impact. These are similar to other unofficial sites I have identified. The Planetary and Space Science Centre has on its web site an alphabetical list of officialy recognized impact sites, many with pictures.
Coaster Enthusiast
For a while, back in the 80's, I had Roller Coaster Fever. I rode as many coasters as I could get to (about 14) and even got a chance to ride the PNE Coaster for an hour-and-a-half straight one night. Of all the ones I've ridden, I think it's the best.

This picture is of the old "Big Dipper" at Hastings Park, Vancouver, BC, torn down in 1947.

Visit the home page of the American Coaster Enthusiasts:

Favourite Comic Strip
Pogo, the creation of Walt Kelly, was my all-time favourite. It was funny, sensitive, often targeted current affairs and you didn't need a degree in political science to enjoy it!
This is my 1981 Honda CM400A. A stands for automatic. These were a rather limited-production item, as most folks would rather shift for themselves. It incorporated a manual two-speed shift and a torque converter. You can find more information HERE.

Please also visit my AMAZONAS site. The Amazonas was produced in limited quantities by a resourceful Brazilian company, using 1600cc Volkswagen drivetrains.

Gutbucket, or Washtub bass
Perfect for any occasion, the sonorous tone of the Stradibucket adds the driving bass backup to any jug or skiffle band. Built with the most modern technology- Weed Whacker nylon string. Click HERE for a larger image, or HERE for a closeup of the machine head. There is also a wealth of information on gutbuckets, jug bands, etc. at WWW.TUB-O-TONE.COM
Model Trains
I am currently not active, but have rolling stock in HO, N and Z scales. It is my intention some day to have representation in TT, S, O and 1 gauge as well. The ZED scale (this is Canada) is the perfect size to model 18" mine trains on HO layouts. This makes it perfect for modeling the Stanley Park Zoo train.

The Goons!
Yes, folks! Ever since I was about ten or twelve, I've had a weakness (weak knees?) for this zany form of English-type humor. I remember how, when I would try to listen late at night instead of going to sleep, my dad would come and take away my radio, no matter how low I had the volume. It took me years to figure out how he knew I was cheating- I was laughing too loud!

Now I own a collection of 39 shows. For more information see the Goon Show Preservation Society and Robert Dickson's Goon Show page.

In Memoriam:
Peter Sellers, July 24,1980
Sir Harry Secombe, Sept. 8, 1921 - April 11, 2001.
Spike Milligan, February 27, 2002.

So passes an era, the like of which we may never see again.
Farewell, fond friends, you gave us so much comic relief when all the world was mad.


Music is very important to me and my tastes range over a wide spectrum (Country and Heavy Metal need not apply). My favourite would be Jazz, a'la Dave Brubeck-

See the latest images of the sun from
the Big Bear Solar Observatory: