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A V6 Chevette is not all that unusual compared to some of the weird cars that have hit the marketplace over the years...

The Peel 50 from Britain was probably one of the most unusual and unlikely vehicles ever to be imported into Canada. To my knowledge, they never did sell this side of the pond. Powered by a two-stroke motorcycle engine with a 'lever starter', the car was barely a step away from a scooter and would have been insured as such, since it was a three-wheeler. It was so light, a handle was installed on the back of the car for picking it up to turn it around! The product brochure boasted:

-Car comfort- Moped costs
- Speeds to 40mph
-100 miles per gallon
-parking problem solved -[this was in the mid-sixties!!]
-lively performance
-powerful braking
-easy starting

Peel 50 Specifications:

Engine___________DKW 49cc fan cooled two-stroke, 4.2 bhp, Petroil mixture 25/1.
Transmission______3 forward, no reverse, enclosed chain final drive
Wheels & Tyres____steel wheels with 3.50 x 5 pneumatic tyres
Suspension_______independent telescopic coil spring units
Brakes___________foot brake on front, hand brake on rear, all cable operated
Fuel Tank_________1 1/2 gallon with visible level
Body/Chassis______All fibreglass, unladen weight, 230 lbs.

News Flash! I have found a web site that has more details on this company: www.3-wheelers.com

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