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Here is a list of some of my favourite links. I've only listed a few Chevette links, as there are lots of good links you can get to through them and I see no reason to re-invent the (Chevette) wheel. Actually, I am amazed and excited at the rapid growth of intenet sites dedicated to this marque over the last few years.

There are also some links pertaining to other interests of mine. Enjoy!

The Chevette's German cousin, the Opel Kadette C Aero. Why, oh why couldn't they have given us these in Canada as Pontiac GT's or something?? For more pictures and info on this model, visit the Kadette C Aero page from the
Opel Kadette Club of Belgium & Holland. (Dutch site)

These links (in no particular order) are some of my favourite places to visit:

The PREMIERE site to do some Chevette research, with links to over 60 Chevette-related sites and more! Has an absolutely great gallery- submit a snapshot of your own pride and joy! (Mine is in Showroom #5 of the North American Chevettes.)

Penticton hosts up to 1500 cars for a three-day show'n'shine in the City of Peaches and Beaches! Check here for details.

One of my favourites! If you want to spend the day surfing, you can access search engines around the world from this site.
Search for a word or passage in the Bible online- in any of 9 versions or 12 languages!

Chevette, Chevette, Chevette! (Need we say more?)

Visit the site dedicated to one of the most unusual motocycles ever produced!

Visit Barnabas Landing on beautiful Keats Island in Howe Sound- right across the water from where they used to make the series 'The Beachcombers'! An incredible facility with an emphasis on family camps and marriage enrichment weekend retreats.

Look in on an evangelism team home-based in Abbotsford, BC, Canada.

Excellent online automotive magazine dedicated to providing relevant Canadian content for the Canadian motoring enthusiast.
The Gelean Grove:
This is my sister's page. Lots of interesting stuff here, like pages on antique fishing tackle, gas masks from around the world(!), postcards, links to the Vancouver Video Arcade Club.

Big Bear Solar Observatory:
Take a tour of this cool site! (or click here for the Latest Image of the sun.)

The GOON SHOW Preservation Society It's funny! And it's too good for you folks!!! Ying tong iddle-i-po.