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Project Truck

1970 Ford Crew Cab, Short-box, Step-side, 3/4 Ton Pickup!

This vehicle was used by the Highways maintenance department in the Fraser Canyon until my brother-in-law bought it to use on his pig farm.

The neat thing about this project truck is the fact that it is a short box step-side crew cab pick up, which gives it an unusually short wheelbase for its body style. The box is unusual too, with flat side rails and reinforcement stanchions. A custom bumper finishes off the back end.

When I took posession of this truck, it had gone through two 300cid Ford engines (4.10:1 rear ends eat 300 sixes) and putting in a third 300 engine seemed like a waste of time. Instead, my brother swapped in a 350 Buick V8 with a turbo 350 automatic that was donated to the cause. This worked well, except it had a cracked block. Now it was my turn. Here it is, being fitted with the FINAL solution: 500 cubes of Caddie power!

The big Cadillac block is the lightest of its size, due to its thin-wall casting process. It is also very durable and dependable.

This experiment has shown itself to be quite satisfactory. It now has a heavy-duty Dana 3.73:1 in the back, oodles of power and better fuel economy, to boot. The overall length is under 20', even when I put my 8' camper on it. Doing the cosmetics will be worth the investment.